Said About Becoming Ideal...

Andy was a rock for me during a very turbulent time, a layoff.  His book allowed me to start thinking beyond my immediate concerns.  His coaching rebuilt my confidence and helped me find fulfillment using a more balanced approach.

- Amanda N.

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Are you continually frustrated?  Feeling lost or trapped?

This year!  This is the time!  Now!  Once and for all!

Get results day-to-day and establish a pattern of success for the rest of your life.


Determined to reach and have higher achievement?

Hit those benchmarks?

Have meaningful relationships?

Attain your peak fitness level?

Succeed in personal responsibility?


Also Said About Andy Ridley...

The value of the skills taught can only be made real by someone as engaging and knowledgeable as Andy Ridley.

…taught us how to work smarter

…has a real gift to share

…shows that he cares about the success of those who attend his workshops

…highly intelligent and has an extraordinary ability to relate to any level of audience. Andy communicates clearly and concisely, and walks students through every step of the process of reaching the goal.

…skilled communicator with the ability to develop and maintain strong relationships at all levels within an organization

…consistently provides client relevant, accessible training…in calm, positive, understated way which enhances their understanding...Diligent in research…ensures his training materials are current

…extraordinary! You can tell he listens and cares about your situation but doesn't coddle you. His advice is right on target. I learned a lot from Andy.

Andy made me realize…we have as good a chance as anyone else…there is still hope for me.

I just can’t put into words how your training…brought me back to ‘me’ – your power, humor, technique and knowledge was uplifting.

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